2024 Class Schedule

Whether you're in the planning stages or already making the most of your retirement, our classes provide education to help you take control of this chapter of life. Each month, we highlight a different strategy for planning, investing, and thriving in your golden years!

  • January - Understanding Annuities
  • February - Tax Efficiency in Retirement
  • March - Using ROTH! Properly
  • April - Today's World of Safe Investing
  • May - Producing in Retirement
  • June - Paying for Long Term Care
  • July - Financial Planning for Volatile Markets
  • August - How Investing Changes in Retirement
  • September - Essential Estate Planning
  • October - Finding Unbiased Financial Advice
  • November - Understanding Required Minimum Distributions
  • December - Positioning Yourself to Thrive in Retirement

Financial Planning for Volatile Markets

With volatile markets and rising interest rates, financially navigating retirement can be tricky. We will discover what is changing, why it is changing and how to position yourself for success in retirement.


Wednesday, July 17


Monday, July 29th @ 4 pm PST - CANCELLED


How Investing Changes in Retirement

If you are within 10 years of retirement or in the early stages of retirement, this is for you. We will discover what is changing, why it is changing and how to position yourself or success in retirement.

Thursday, August 1


Wednesday, August 21


Monday, August 26th


Essential Estate Planning

Estate Planning is for everyone! Protect your heirs and your wealth with an organized and efficient estate plan.

Thursday, September 5


Thursday, September 12


Wednesday, September 18


Monday, September 30


Finding Unbiased Financial Advice

Are you in the market for a financial advisor? Do you know what type of advisor you are looking for? It is difficult to know who to trust in the “financial advising” world today. In this video, Scott walks through the different types of advisors and what to look for in each type. Depending on your age, your investment needs, etc., the type of advisor you choose may look differently than you thought.

Monday, October 3


Thursday, October 10


Wednesday, October 16


Monday, October 28


Understanding Minimum Required Distributions

Required Minimum Distributions - do you know the basics behind RMD's? Scott is going to explain all things RMD's. Having a basic understand of the accounts needed, the rules behind them and important due dates is essential to optimizing RMD's for your future.

Thursday, November 7


Thursday, November 14


Wednesday, November 20


Monday, November 25


Positioning Yourself to Thrive in Retirement

We all want to make sure we live comfortably and securely in retirement, but how can we do that? Scott will walk you through the steps you can take and what to keep in mind as you grow your financial portfolio and start to (or continue to) plan for retirement.

Thursday, December 5


Thursday, December 12


Monday, December 16


Wednesday, December 18


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