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Who We Are

The Foundation for Personal Financial Education is a 20-year-old nationwide non‐profit organization dedicated to financial awareness. Our Arizona Chapter’s mission is to provide our communities with a consistent resource, through unbiased classes, that are free of sales.

Our Financial Wellness education is offered throughout the Phoenix valley and Prescott. Classes cover all aspects of personal finance, and are continually updated, added to, and rotated at each location to maintain the most current, new and interesting information. Attendees have labeled us the “Anti‐Dinner Seminar” because our program is sponsored, publicized and monitored by the cities, counties, libraries, schools and businesses that we speak for to ensure we are genuine to our mission – to end financial illiteracy, one community at a time, by conducting financial education classes on a wide array of topics.

Our Commitment

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique. We are committed to our goal of ending financial illiteracy, through free classes and complimentary consultations. As a non-profit, all class attendees may request a meeting at no cost. This is not a sales appointment. This appointment is simply to get to know each other and address individual questions and concerns. Certainly, if you would like to further the relationship with the speaker, you will be given an opportunity to schedule an appointment with their firm.

Here’s what people are saying:

“This type of class should be mandatory by age 30, so you could plan your future. I would tell anyone, regardless of age, they should attend.”
~ A. Talacek

“Dynamic, easily understandable discussion. Regardless of your ‘financial maturity,’ you’ll learn something new!”
~ J. Letsche

“Excellent information!! I learned a lot I didn’t know!!”
~ E. Spencer

“Great info and easy to understand.”
~ M. Dwyer

“Thank you… You did a great job providing the guidance I was seeking. You can sleep well knowing you have done some good in this world.”
~ J. Bischoff

“Very refreshing to receive non-biased, non sales-based practical information along with valuable resources!”
~ Y. Schmidt

“Great presentation – I learned a lot about all the categories of investment.”
~ Amanda S.

Dates and times are subject to change.

For questions or more information,
call us at 1-800-345-3155 ext. 1.